Coach's 's Menu

19221 S Alpha Ave

Burger Meals

All meals served w/choice of fries, cole slaw, cottage cheese, mashed potato, tortilla chips, potato salad or potato chips (w/onion rings add $2.75)

Hamburger $12.08

Cheese Burger $13.13

Double Cheese burger $15.23

Patty Melt $13.65

Rye, grilled onion, Swiss & Amer Cheese

Tucson Burger $13.65

Pepper Jack cheese, guacamole, Jalapeños

New York Burger $13.65

Pastrami, & Swiss Cheese

Montana Burger $15.75

Bacon, green chili, mushrooms, grilled onion American and Swiss

New Mexico Burger $13.65

Honey mustard, green chili & Swiss cheese

Kansas City Burger $13.65

Hickory BBQ sauce, fried onion rings & Swiss cheese

University of Arizona Burger $14.70

Green chili, bacon & Swiss cheese

Mediterranean Burger $14.18

Swiss cheese, Olives, Garlic, grilled onions

Double Burger $14.70

Bacon Cheese Burger $14.70

Double Bacon Cheese Burger $16.80

Swiss cheese, Olives, Garlic, grilled onions

Coach Burger $13.65

Bleu Cheese

Philly Burger $13.65

grilled onions, peppers and Swiss cheese

Wisconsin Burger $14.70

Am., Swiss, Provolone, pepper jack, Bleu Cheese

Stroganoff Burger $13.65

Grilled onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese and sour cream

Texas Burger $13.65

Chili con Carne, grilled onion, Jack & Cheddar cheese

Cordon Bleu Burger $13.65

Ham & Swiss cheese

Taco Burger $13.65

Pico de Gallo, Jack & Cheddar cheese & shredded lettuce

Continental Burger $14.18

Swiss, Grilled onions & mushroom on rye

Sandwich Meals

All meals served w/choice of fries, Cole slaw, cottage cheese, mashed potato, tortilla chips, potato salad or potato chips (w/onion rings add $2.75)

Deli Style Rueben $13.65

Grilled pastrami on Rye w/Swiss & sauerkraut

Jumbo Bratwurst $13.13

1/3 Lb. Beer Brat w/sauerkraut

Grilled Pastrami  $13.13

On Rye

Philly Cheese Steak  $15.23

Roast beef sautéed w/bell peppers, onions & swiss on a Kaiser roll

Southwest Turkey Melt $14.18

Grilled turkey, onions, bell peppers W/pepper jack cheese on Sour Dough

Steak Sandwich $17.33

10oz choice NY Strip on a Kaiser roll & grilled onion

Spicy Chicken Breast $13.13

sautéed in house spice on Sour Dough

Grilled Ham & Swiss $13.13

On rye w/lettuce, tomato, & mayo

Turkey  $13.13

On white w/lettuce, tomato & mayo

Ham & Cheese  $16.01

On white w/lettuce, tomato & mayo t

Tuna Salad Sand  $10.76

On white w/lettuce and tomato

Italian Sausage $13.13

grilled onions & peppers w/Provolone cheese

Hot Dog $11.55

1/3 Lb. all beef

Kielbasa $13.13

½ Lb. w/sauerkraut on Kaiser roll

French Dip $14.18

Roast beef on a Kaiser bun and a side of Anjou

Fish Sandwich $12.60

beer battered cod on a French roll

Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwhich $14.18

grilled chicken breast, green chili w/honey mustard on Sour Dough

Club Double Decker $14.18

ham, turkey, Swiss, American, lettuce, tomato, bacon & mayo

Crispy Chicken Sand 2pcs $13.13

additional strip add $2.00 Buffalo sauce optional

Roast Beef  $13.13

On white w/lettuce, tomato & mayo

Grilled Cheese $7.88

Grilled on white

BLT $13.13

on white

Platter Meals

Served w/garlic toast, vegetable salad, w/choice of fries, coleslaw, cottage cheese, mashed potato, tortilla chips, potato salad, or potato chips)

*10 oz New York Strip  $18.90

Aged organically marbled beef

Chicken Fried Steak  $15.23

with pepper gravy

Fish & Chips  $15.75

2 Cod fillets fried to a golden brown w/cole slaw

Fried Chicken $15.75

3 piece honey battered

Chopped Steak 1/2 Lb  $15.75

½ lb pure beef patty

Catfish Platter  $15.75

(2) 4oz herb breaded fillets

Shrimp Dinner  $16.80

w/side salad & cocktail sauce

Mexican Fare

Served with rice & refried beans Ask for sour cream or guacamole

3 Taco’s  $11.03

beef or chicken

Enchiladas  $13.65

3 rolled corn tortillas w/green or red sauce filled with cheese, beef, or chicken

Chicken Fajita Wrap  $13.65

Seasoned grilled chicken, onions and bell peppers

Steak Fajita  $17.85

10 oz grilled Prime NY Strip, onions and bell peppers and flour tortilla

Kid's Menu

(Must be under 12) Served with fries or potato chips

Grilled Cheese  $3.15

Chicken Strips kids $4.20

Penut butter and jelly  $2.10

Corn Dog  $3.15

Chicken wings kids size $4.20